E.U.Online Gambling Industry Consultation Opinions Heard

Published Wednesday, September 07, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

The online gambling industry in Europe represented 45% of world market share in 2010, according to figures from the European Gaming and Betting Association. The Growth Gaming Revenue: stakes minus winnings of €2.5 billion is expected to account for 13% of the total market by 2012.

There was broad consensus among those operators and policy makers who attended the European Commission’s European Parliament conference that the EU should introduce legislation to regulate the online gambling industry. The general opinion was that the ubiquitous rules should not stop member nations from applying special situation rules of their own.

The European Economic and Social Committee hearing heard Pamela Brumter-Coret, acting director of the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Internal Market and Services comment, "There's an appetite for action at EU level and it's up to the College of Commissioners to decide what to put in its communication, which will come out in 2012,"
The official in charge of creating a response from the European Parliament for the Green Paper on online gambling German MEP Jürgen Creutzmann, said he is looking for the Commission to table a directive establishing EU-wide minimum standards. The standard would leave room for governments to establish other rules to accommodate their particular issues with online gambling. Creutzmann explained, "Member states should be able to decide how to regulate online gambling themselves," The member also asked that national regulators should keep communications open if they choose to revoke a license or detect wrong doing.
Steffano Mallia, who will create the European Economic and Social Committee response to the consultation, agreed with the German MEP member’s opinion, stated, "I want an EU-wide framework that offers a minimum – not low – level of protection for consumers. But member states should be able to go further if they want,"
The E.U. is looking for a balance of regulation and economic equality, a tall order for such a divergent group of countries.




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