India & Pakistan Still Subject to Cricket Match Fixing & Illegal Gambling

Published Monday, November 07, 2011 -

Cricket has seen massive interest in India and Pakistan and with that interest comes corruption. A recent ruling by the courts in Britain have made a definite statement that match fixing will not be tolerated at all. The Pakistan cricket league has been served notice with the sentencing of the three men charged with fixing that anyone found guilty of the offence will be put in prison and for a good long time.

Salman Butt received 30 months, Mohammad Asif got one year and Mohammad Amir will serve six months in jail for their roles in the match fixing scam that they were charged with. These sentences have satisfied some groups but as the cricket season progresses in India and Pakistan authorities have done nothing to keep the corruption in check.

There is no control over betting in India and Pakistan, it is illegal. Those who bet on cricket matches and there are millions, go to unlicensed and unregulated gambling outlets to place their wagers. It is doubtful that the prison sentences the offenders received will deter match fixing, looking at the massive gain available to those who attempt to manipulate the game.
It is estimated that the last tournament saw an estimated £1billion (74billion rupees) bet on 57 matches in the Indian Premier League. With a regulated and licensed system, betting abnormalities are visible to regulators and can be tracked and investigated. Monitoring of betting activities is a process that registered and licensed online bookies have agreed to maintain, giving the industry a measure of control over irregular betting activities. In India and Pakistan there are no legal betting outlets so the biggest winners will always be the bookies. Consumers of wagering services have no recourse should the games be fixed and are definitely subject to the gap between fairness and a manipulated game.


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