Spectrum Gaming Group Acquires EE Johnson Research

Published Saturday, January 07, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

In the online gambling industry knowledge is power and having the right information is paramount to having a successful business. Research sometimes returns results that are not all that useful to the business that needs facts and not just opinion. Research can be slanted and skewed to one side of an issue thus failing to be balanced and complete. The focus for a good research report must include all aspects of the subject. Never the less the need for information is a given for businesses that have a direction and want to know how to proceed. Information from surveys and polls gives the online gambling operator a map to advance into territories and jurisdictions that need exploration.

Research firm Spectrum Gaming Group which independently looks into the various aspects of internet wagering recently announced they have acquired a New Jersey USA based market research firm EE Johnson Research.
In an effort to keep the best of the best involved the arrangement keeps Eugene Johnson who is the founder and president with additional responsibilities as the Senior Vice President, of  Market Research and Online Studies. Johnson has a great deal of experience having been actively involved in the gaming industry for almost thirty years.
Spectrum is a mature firm and a founding member of Global i-Gaming Advisors. The acquisition sees iSpectrum receiving EE Johnson Research’s substantial list of previous clients including online operators such as 888 and Party Poker, as well as gaming suppliers such as Bally Technologies and Spielo.

Managing Director, of Spectrum, Michael Pollock, commented, “Gene will play a critical role in Spectrum’s future as an advisor to governments and private clients seeking opportunities in online gaming, as well as in market research.”
Johnson was pleased to say, “I am proud to be joining the premier consultancy in the field of gaming, regulation, and analysis and look forward to working with a great group of professionals in an exciting and rapidly evolving industry.”





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