Online Gambling Market Reform Requested By ARJEL President

Published Tuesday, February 07, 2012 -

It’s not hard to see how interconnected the online gambling world is when you see an increased demand for poker in America and European poker rooms fill up. The same is obvious with recent reports about issues with the newly liberalized French jurisdiction and the online gambling market there. It was reported that the market for regulated online gambling services in France has continue to decline significantly. There was less money being spent on sports and thus revenues were also off. The loss of 23% in the amount spent on sporting events means something has gone wrong with the system according to the regulating body in France, ARJEL's President Jean-Francois Vilotte who is asking for market reform.

The latest bad news is translated by ARJEL as, “a cause for concern,” that being that the licensed French firms  may loose even more market share to unregulated operators from elsewhere. Critics point to the tax grab by the government and how it kills competition and makes it difficult to stay afloat. Stephane Courbit, BetClic Everest chairperson, commented that it “does not allow us to exist.”

A strike in the horse racing industry in Italy may be the cause of a sharp increase in horse race betting in France with an active player growth rate of 38% and a gross win rate increasing by 29%. The decline in betting on sports my be because people are saving to bet on the Summer Olympics but that seems unlikely. The Cash poker sector also dipped with amounts wagered down 3% to €1.87bn. The Euro zone is looking in modestly good shape with people still deciding that wagering on the horses or a game they support and are still getting enjoyment out of the prospect of winning. Advertizing for regulated online gambling was cut back a good 50% over last year to €46m the regulator ARJEL also revealed.





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