Ladbrokes Mobile Online Gambling Surges 174 percent

Published Wednesday, March 07, 2012 -

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest and most respected bookies in the U.K. The recent revelations that they are suffering some losses makes one wonder if the loyalty to a brand has gone by the way side with today’s consumer. Ladbrokes lack luster performance gives rise to the possibility that other operators are eating away at the traditional.

That was evident in the down numbers in that sector with it digital segment down 12.3 percent with net revenue in that sectordown amodest 3.5 percent. Mobile surged mind you with a 174 percent increase.
Peter Erskine the firm’s chairperson looked at favourable results continuing for the mobile trend. “In 2012 we expect to grow Digital revenues, building upon our investments in technology and the growth in customers that has been driven by the increase in marketing spend during H2 2011,” 
One might think a firm as experienced as Ladbrokes would be able to grasp the online gambling concept and apply that experience to it. As yet critical thinking in the digital direction hasn’t come to a critical mass. The Ladbrokes team needs to do some fine tuning to get their competitive edge back and give the competition a digital run for their money.

They did get the game right with a mobile jump of that proportion. A reminder that this company still has its finger on the pulse of punters, so these low figures maybe just be temporary set back with the old engine of wagering retools.
The Ladbrokes company went hunting for a partner to facilitate its ambitious aims but couldn’t find a suitable match so are still undecided about the real needs the infrastructure needs to move forward. Don’t underestimate a group that generates revenue of almost £1 billion that wouldn’t be wise.

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