Online Gambling Legalization in USA Nevada's Call

Published Saturday, April 07, 2012 -

Online gambling could be something the Federal government in the USA should legalize so people won’t have to line up at state borders to by their lottery tickets. Every time a big lottery prize is in the offing in the USA, people that live in states that don’t offer lottery tickets drive for miles and wait in long line ups to get them.

The State of Nevada where there is perhaps every other form of wagering there is no lottery. The Governor’s spokesperson recent said to news paper, the Las Vegas Sun that it was, “not appropriate for the state to compete with our number one industry.” The Nevada, Californian border is a distance away from Las Vegas and the store that sells lottery tickets is at the top of the sales chart every time. Some residents aren’t sure exactly why there is no lottery in Nevada but no one even questions the fact that Utah is a gambling free place and there is no lottery there for sure.

The retailers of lottery tickets in Idaho are happy though because just as in Nevada punters from Utah hit the road for Idaho. It was reported that nearly twenty percent of all of Idaho’s lottery sales happens along the border with Utah. One retail outlet said sales from Utah state residents kept her business very lively accounting for almost one hundred percent of sales. Alexis Daniels commented, “just like to say thank you to all the people from Utah who come up to buy tickets.”

The differences in the USA are many and that is in many ways what makes America special. You can gamble on everything but lottery in Nevada and you can’t gamble in Utah and then there’s that Mega Millions $640m jackpot lottery in Maryland that will pay out an amazing amount of cash. Where are the keys to the car you may ask.

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