Troubles At the Purple Lounge Online Casino and Poker Room

Published Monday, May 07, 2012 -

A deal is a deal and when you sign up to play at an online poker room then you expect the room to play fair. This hasn’t been the case with the Purple Lounge online casino and poker room which has been less than reliable when the time to pay out accounts comes along.

Media Corp Media publishing group runs the Purple Lounge offering and is based in the United Kingdom. Not to shift the blame for slow-pay and bad communications Media Corp issued a statement that did little to clarify the issues or make restitution to the customers of Purple Lounge. The business update noted that it had become clear to the company that Purple Lounge has had some difficulty keeping up causing the current situation in which, "Media Corp has not received dividends or cash payments from Purple Lounge during its ownership and has loaned over GBP 900,000 in the last few months."

For weeks now customers have been complaining about the bad treatment with little communicated from the operator and the decision makers at Media Corp say, "...the directors are in the process of considering a number of options for Purple Lounge as a means to control the losses and, in doing so, preserve the company’s cash and value in its other divisions."

Purple Lounge remains shuttered and Media Corp reminds consumers that they are doing something, "The options under consideration may be directly impacted by the outcome of the company’s stated intention of undertaking an acquisition or acquisitions." Resolving to do something and not telling the players whose money is also in limbo doesn’t keep the ball rolling and thus makes it a sure thing that the will be some waiting to do. Whether Purple Lounge-Media Corp segregated player funds from the operations budget is a big question and what is its licensing jurisdiction namely Gibraltar doing about the problems?

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