Twenty Jurisdictions Rejected By Bodog Online Gambling Firm

Published Tuesday, August 07, 2012 -

Bodog is an online gambling firm with a reputation for customer service and safety. It has been in the business of offering poker as well as other wagering products for almost as long as online gambling has been around. Bodog withdrew its services in the USA a long time ago and re-established itself in the United Kingdom with a license from the U.K. Gambling Commission.

Now, effective August 30th of 2012 will withdraw its online poker offering from twenty countries in Eastern Europe as well as areas of Asia. This has led to speculation that there may be trouble brewing within the firm’s structure. Bodog is solid and just being careful most critics suggest. The list of nations Bodog is leaving includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Most of these jurisdictions don’t turn over much activity and to supply services to all of them is drain on resources that Bodog feels could be better placed elsewhere. The purely business decision has alerted patrons to withdraw their balances before August 30. Money processing will be discontinued on this date. Many of the jurisdictions mentioned in the alert are not the in greatest financial shape and many not be up to standards when it comes to e-commerce activity. Confidence in these jurisdictions is paramount to maintaining a good reputation in an industry that depends on trust and honesty.

“We feel it is better to concentrate on our strengths & where we can offer the best product. The Bodog brand is known for its high level of customer service & spreading ourselves too thinly to try and cover a huge amount of smaller markets was proving logistically difficult. will concentrate on growing existing markets.” A Bodog spokesperson commented. visit at

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