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Published Friday, September 07, 2012 -

Humour can be the best medicine for many issues facing an increasingly problematic world. Gambling is not supposed to be stressful but when your team is not winning and there is a little money riding on the outcome things can get a bit tense.

Paddy Power the iconic bad boys of the advert world have once again brought everyone to their knees after their latest pitch to Italian punters has caused a stir resulting in a ban of the ‘Jesus’ advert in that particularly sensitive country.

Paddy Power has pulled out all the stops on this one with ‘Jesus’ miraculously finding the football injury fakers and match fixers and the suggestion that He is dealing with the fixers with a baseball bat. This the first advert for television produced for the Italian market by Crispin Porter & Bogusky London and it is in keeping with Paddy Power’s slogan campaign “we hear you” tagline. An Italian Facebook user was quoted as saying , “Betting on this football? Only if a miracle heals it.” Well the advertising firm saw that as a challenge and produced the slot disregarding how Italian’s feel about their religious icons.

The slot was banned in essence by the media carriers who refused to air the controversial and irreverent Paddy Power advert. The internet however still has the show up and running which gives the advert a shot at fame and a chance to get the message out regardless of religious views. Three major broadcasters have already given Paddy Power’s scandalous Jesus advert the boot. Italy’s two main free-to-air national television stations, the state-owned RAI and Mediaset, which was founded by Silvio Berlusconi, as well as Sky Italia.

The humour is great in most of Paddy Power’s campaign but in this case the hero is just way too powerful for most conservative punters. The attention garnered from being banned is worth the price of admission, go for it Paddy Power, we want more of the same, more laughing out loud.

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