Sportalists Club To Trade in Australian Online Sports Betting

Published Sunday, October 07, 2012 -

Australian sports betting has become a business that is exceeding all expectations and the latest trend is creating major profits for many different sectors of the industry. The news that William Hill the gambling operator from the UK has led smart sports trading group, Sportalists Limited, to seek an Australian partner in its newest venture.

One of Britain’s biggest bookmakers William Hill can see the writing on the Australian wall and has been attempting to acquire online sports betting book Sportingbet which has a profitable business in both Australia and Spain. In light of the October 16th deadline for the bid that Sportingbet has called undervalued, the very private sports trading group, Sportalists Limited, announced recently that it plans to create a club allowing the public to share in their planned trading on Australian sports.

Sportalists Communication Director Malcolm Winston, commented further, "They say build it and they will come," Winston continued, "If the biggest betting agencies in Europe are now targeting Australia, then we will go there also and happily trade with them on sports," There is a lot of confidence in this venture as the Sportalists club will be made up of experts in the field which has lead to unbeatable profits in recent years.

Julian Carr, a stock broker, commented, "The Sportalists Club has long been talked about as a group of the most astute sports traders in the world, who zealously protected their privacy," Carr continued, "They are regarded as sports specialists whose investment universe centers on sports and prediction markets," adding, "Their successes are extraordinary and the profits they make for their partners are the envy of many a hedge fund manager." Amounts punted on Australian sports rose by 82 percent to 1.493 billion BPS, while annual savings after the acquisition increased to 15 million BPS up substantially from the original estimate of 5.2 million BPS.

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