Ontario's Online Gambling Proposal Becomes Political

Published Friday, December 07, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

The province of Ontario in Canada used to be the economic engine of this huge area in the eastern sector of the nation. Now what with the loss of manufacturing jobs the province has been having trouble keeping up with the demands of a growing population and failing infrastructure. Politically it is in a situation where the Premier of the province has resigned and the government is stalled in the interim until a new leader is selected and a possible election called.

There are opposing politicians who are looking during this period of uncertainty to tell the people of the province what they would do if they had the reins. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is provincially owned and the Conservative government leader wants to sell it off to pay off part of the mounting deficit in Ontario. The OLG has begun plans to introduce online gambling to Ontarians but as the wheels of politics grind along the leader of the Conservatives is saying the idea should be scrapped.

In an article in Toronto’s Sun news, PC Leader Tim Hudak was quoted as saying that Ontario needs to pull the plug on its "foolish" plan to offer online gambling. A New Deal for the Public Sector white paper brought out by Hudak says, "We reject the premise from the get-go that government success is measured by the number of employees it has, that government should be judged by the amount of money it spends, the number of programs it delivers or the stores or the businesses that it owns." Hudak continued. "That's the old way of thinking and that's how we got into this mess in the first place."

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan replied to the call for privatization of public assets saying any such move would be jeopardizing the province’s recovery plan. Duncan said, “Online gambling, a recent expansion proposed by the OLG, is going forward because Ontarians already spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on Internet gaming sites based off shore.”

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