Thailand Searches for Online Gambling Policies

Published Tuesday, May 07, 2013 -
Thailand Searches for Online Gambling Policies

The concern for the students in Thailand who are becoming globally tuned in with the technology available today there is a greater call for parental guidance over the use of the internet. The Thailand government is strict in its rules regarding gambling of all sorts but it is having a hard time keeping up with web related gambling sites that offer every form of wagering there is.

There are 205 Thai sites that offer games in English or Thai and accept wagers in Thai Bhat or US Dollars and 11 of those are mobile online casinos. With the proliferation of tablet computers and smart phones the internet and online gambling is becoming more accessible to young people who may not have the same restraint when going online to place a wager on a game.

The nature of the global reach of online gambling operators means there is little officials can do to prevent players in Thailand from frequenting these offshore casinos and poker rooms. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is monitoring the situation, and is pondering whether to block access to such websites. The Thai language is an issue for players as there are few operators that offer their native tongue.

Recently academics from Bangkok urged government agencies to start developing policies to prevent students from getting involved with online gambling. Health Laws and Ethics Center academic from Thammasat University, Mr. Paisan Limsatit commented at a gambling prevention among youth meeting, 16.7 million people regularly visit online casino related websites more than half of that figure are youths aged between 15-19 years old and the word 'casino' appears in 1,548 items from app store search engines.

The government's One Child One Tablet scheme means every young person who receives a tablet may be at risk says Limsatit. The internet must be filtered for these young people and policies put in place soon say critics in Thailand.

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