USA Federal Online Gambling Regulations Introduced

Published Friday, June 07, 2013 -
USA Federal Online Gambling Regulations Introduced

History is repeating itself in the United States as the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act of 2013 is introduced in American Federal politics.

The new federal legislation that would allow for legalized online gambling has come from Peter King, a Congressman representing the state of New York. The legislation would cover online gambling in the US as well as specific areas such as regulatory measures based on the ruling by the Department of Justice in 2011. It was then when the agency ruled that online gambling of any type legal on the federal level if the individual state rules it legal.

The introduction of the Federal plan for online gambling will create a more comprehensive protection scheme for consumers than the individual state laws provide. According to Congressman King the new measures will assure there is help available to problem gamblers and that underage use of the systems is better monitored.

The new rules are set to create a system that will license and regulate online gambling at the federal level. The move will also allow the acceptance in any existing state that has legalized the past time but is limited to the boundaries of the state. This would include the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey.

The press release indicated there will be these issues addressed, and the establishment of a uniform federal system for states that choose to participate, enabling adults to gamble online, with controls to protect against compulsive gambling and to prevent underage persons from gambling. It also stated that an Office of Internet Gambling Oversight in the Department of the Treasury be established to create criteria for state and tribal bodies to carry out licensing activities for the government. There is an opt-out option allowing tribal organizations or state governments to prohibit online gambling or to operate intrastate gaming within its borders as authorized under state or tribal law.This legislation is comprehensive and thought out with the lobbing groups for online gambling praising its contents.

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