Push On in USA Lobby Efforts for Online Gambling Laws

Published Sunday, February 07, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

The delay in the implementation of the enforcement of the ban on internet gambling in the USA has given the proponents of legalization a chance to gather momentum. According to the Washington Post recently, the poker lobbyists are pushing to legalize the activity on the web in the United States by this year. Backed by a large war chest of cash the poker players are trying to convince social conservatives, sports leagues and religious and moral opponents that this is as much about freedom of choice as playing a friendly game of poker online. Barney Frank has a lot of support for his cause and is making great strides in bringing a diverse number of representatives from both sides of the house on board. The newspaper contends that as much as half of the 16 billion dollars wagered online is generated from the USA. The proponents of legalization and regulating of online gambling in the USA say the action could bring a large portion of that money spent back into American coffers. The NFL, the Focus on the Family and other Internet gambling opponents, have predicted that chaos will come to America should citizens be allowed to gamble on the internet. The 1.2 million member strong, Poker Players Alliance funded largely by the Interactive Gaming Council, a lobby group for offshore gambling firms has put $4 million into the effort on Capital Hill in Washington D.C. over the past year. John Pappas, the Poker Players Alliance's chief executive officer stated recently,

"I think there's a growing realization in Washington that prohibition probably isn't going to work, just like prohibitions throughout history have not worked," Banks and other financial institutions urged a delay, saying that the statute was vague and unenforceable convincing lawmakers they should take some time and listen to both sides of the debate. The Congress is at this time very busy trying it's best to oversee a massive agenda, so the delay may be too little too late, and the full impact of the prohibition in the USA may very well come to pass.

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