Croatian Women's Poker Team Arrives

Published Sunday, March 07, 2010 -

Croatia is a beautiful country with an amazing history and diverse landscape. The coastal areas of Croatia along the Adriatic are full of tourists during the summer months looking for fun and games. Not yet part of the European Union but expecting to join soon. Croatia is poised on the edge of a new era in it's long and interesting past. In this changing place poker playing is beginning to take a firm hold in the public's entertainment activities. Recently a

women's competitive poker team was founded. The Pokerica Ladies team was started by three women who all enjoy poker, and played off and on for a time. Having met one another during their pursuit of poker the girls soon found that encouraging more women to get into the game made it more interesting and exciting. As members of the team plays regularly at Croatian casinos with some encouraging results. The Pokerica Ladies Team consists of three beautiful young women who have different skills and enjoy different poker games. In Croatia, people still view poker as pure gambling and not a skill testing or knowledge based game. These women have a difficult task getting more women to get involved in poker. They have held four women's tournaments and established a ladies night out for poker. These events have been attended well and interest is gaining momentum. Motivating ladies to get involved in gambling in Croatia is a tall order that is utilizing the forum to keep the dialogue fresh and inspiring. Zeljka Pencinger, Hana Soljan, and Andreja Begic-Fazlic, are three leaders in the world of playing poker by women, all are dedicated to changing the face of the game. All three are accomplished poker players with a well rounded set of skills in various varieties of the game. Dedication and passion are their strong suits along with the goal of creating a team to take in some serious cash while getting more women involved in this great activity.

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