Online Gambling Operators Sued By Kentucky

Published Wednesday, April 07, 2010 -

Kentucky has decided it's going to go after an online gambling operation and file a law suit against Pocket Kings owner of one of the largest poker rooms on the planet Full Tilt Poker. The Ireland based company is also on the investigating hit list by a Grand Jury in New York State. Kentucky, has been attempting to gain control of 141 internet gambling and poker domains to shut them down and is now trying to recover money lost by Kentucky residents wagered at the Full Tilt Poker web site. The commonwealth filed the new case, listing Pocket Kings, Ltd., as the owner of Full Tilt Poker. It states, “the Commonwealth is entitled to sue and recover triple the value of the money lost during the statutory period between March 25, 2005 and September 25, 2009 (the five year period preceding this Complaint but excluding the most recent six months) by persons located within the borders of Kentucky.” Pocket Kings is recorded as the only named defendant, the commonwealth officials goes on to list almost every gambling and poker site in operation as “unknown” defendants. The Louisville Kentucky Courier-Journal recently posted an article online describing the law as problematic for the commonwealth. With experts suggesting the case has no merit and may be dismissed before it is brought to a court. Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown has brought the legal action against the online gambling operators with a 14-page folder charging that Full Tilt Poker has “purposefully and knowingly conducted commercial transactions with persons whom they knew to be located within the Commonwealth.” Testimony in the Kentucky Court of Appeals has revealed that 13,000 Kentucky residents have played online poker games. Kentucky attorneys are seeking pre-judgment and post-judgment interest, attorney fees and other costs, and any “further relief as the Court deems just and proper.”



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