Surveillance Software Ensures Productivity During World Cup

Published Monday, June 07, 2010 -

The 2010 FIFA World Cup, is anticipated to be the most widely-viewed and followed sporting event ever. More than 30 national teams are set to compete in 64 matches that will be broadcast three-times daily and widely covered on Internet websites around the world.
The work place is bound to suffer just a few distracting moments as fans tune into the games and ignore the daily grind. Some companies take a dim view of this situation and are looking for solutions to combat the problem.

Spector 360 Employee Monitoring, Reporting and Surveillance Software is one such method of reducing the lost productivity and focus that companies are sure to experience to one degree of another. Experts at SpectorSoft Corporation say that the World Cup has the potential to erode business profitability, productivity, and corporate security in five areas including online gambling and sporting bets placed during work hours.
C. Douglas Fowler, the president and founder of SpectorSoft says, “Business owners should take note of the business risks before the World Cup begins, and establish an ‘acceptable use policy’ that allows for employee flexibility without compromising productivity or security,”
A study revealed that in the U.K. alone, more than half of local employees are planning to stream World Cup games on their office computer while at work. Social networking sites like “Sports on Facebook” offers a leader board that ranks teams by passion, popularity, intensity, region and group, encouraging input from more than half a million Facebook fans.
Spector 360 has impressive reporting features, with detailed screen snapshot abilities and easy-to-use reporting tools that let management perform their own investigations by gathering pertinent information to better understand what someone did on a computer, in the exact order they did it. More than 500,000 consumers and 50,000 businesses, government organizations, schools, and law enforcement agencies have purchased SpectorSoft products to help keep kids safe online, and to prevent spikes and bandwidth drains on corporate networks.

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