Chinese Banking System Helps Online Gambling Crackdown

Published Monday, June 07, 2010 -

The beginning of 2010 was the start of a Chinese attempt to remove unsavoury elements from it's society. Last February China warned it's citizens it would not tolerate violations of it's internet laws and would be cracking down on online gambling operators and the public that pursued the activity.
With more than 2,000 foreign and domestic gambling websites that target Chinese gamblers, China's Ministry of Public Security has it's work cut out for it. Gu Jian, vice director of the ministry's cyber security bureau said online gambling exists in all Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to "varying degrees."
Conservative estimates suggest that tens of billions of yuan flow out of China via online gambling every year. Chinese police cracked 210 online gambling cases and arrested 918 suspects in the first few weeks of the operation. Eight Party departments, government ministries and financial regulatory bodies are involved in the clamp down. According to the People’s Daily newspaper and the Public Security Ministry more than 670 cases of online gambling have now been investigated and 26 gambling organizations with overseas connections, have been purged from the internet. The four month push to stop illegal online gambling has resulted in over 3400 arrests and as much as $88 million dollars being seized by the government. The campaign which has removed websites with any gambling information, and those providing services to gamblers is supported by a number of government departments, including the Supreme People's Court and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Information aiding in the arrests and seizing of funds related to online gambling was given to police by the People's Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission. The Chinese government is set on keeping the people of the country safe from the so called corrupt and unscrupulous gambling operators that reside outside of the nation and will continue it's purge until August of this year.

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