Police Bust Gambling Ring in Hong Kong China

Published Thursday, July 08, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

The Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK reported that mainland police and Hong Kong have smashed a large cross-border illegal football gambling syndicate. Reports indicated recently that seven billion Yuan (over one billion US dollars) in betting slips were seized. They also arrested 93 people from Hong Kong and the mainland in their joint operation.
The broadcaster said the police have compared the 2006 World Cup police records to the 2010 and betting figures have increased more than four-fold. In 1997 Hong Kong, a former British colony, returned to China and many football and horse-racing fans could legally bet on a variety of sports events including the World Cup. In 2009, based on figures from the Jockey Club there were about 35 billion Hong Kong dollars in legal bets placed on football matches.
In the South China Morning Post, it was reported that Police in the financial hub have launched a series of raids since the global world cup tournament kicked off. The raids have netted the arrests of at least 55 illegal bookmakers
According to Cable TV, Police said the syndicate mainly received online and telephone bets through more than 400 bank accounts, the largest number of accounts involved in a local illegal soccer betting case. A police spokesman told the broadcaster, "We identified a trend that the bets were mainly placed via the internet - same as other countries or regions." They added that details of the operation would later be released in a formal statement.
With the World Cup fever growing steadily over the years it seems, even though it is illegal, bettors continue to play the odds. In fact it is the illegal bookmakers that are said to offer better odds and easier credit terms. Police warn that failure to repay can lead to violent reprisals. Despite the caveat the interest in playing the odds grows.

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