Calvin Ayre Calls for a Green Online Gambling Industry

Published Wednesday, September 08, 2010 - is a not-for-profit website, that aims to be completely carbon neutral and  encourages operators in the online gaming industry to emulate the idea.
In order to be neutral and leave no or a small carbon footprint, has taken it's working day to day operations to Iceland and utilises THORDC.

THORDC is an ecologically sound data center the most advanced in the world according to Calvin and the huge company Google who also uses the Icelandic data center.
The Thor Data Center is definitely green boasting new data storage technology. Thor DC collaborated with a Spanish technology firm to develop smaller units which offers added flexibility in scaling such ventures.

The naturally cold environment and the eco friendly design of THORDC makes economical sense for companies looking to make responsibly green move.
Calvin Ayre the Canadian entrepreneur who made his fortune founding the Bodog Brand online gambling company commented on the initiative, "Since I have taken a back seat from directly running companies I have been busy setting up a charitable foundation,the Calvin Ayre Foundation, which has an ecological arm, and this led me to scour the world for natural solutions to man-made problems.

This is something I am deeply committed to and in the first instance I will be moving all non-gaming sites I have a connection with to Iceland, including my personal foundation site."
Ayre added, "Nature has a mind-blowing amount of powerful resources that we constantly ignore despite being on our doorstep. I mean paying fortunes and using man-made, emission-rich cooling systems is not just total insanity, it's also commercially naive.
There is a myth that ecological solutions are expensive and I hope's move to Iceland will be the first of many moves to ensure that e gaming can show its pioneering side in a new area."
Any profit from the eco site is directed to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation.




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