Casino City Press Launches 12th edition Internet Gambling Report

Published Wednesday, December 08, 2010 -

In many ways the internet is still backed up by the printed word. The fact that reports printed with real ink on paper are still bought and created is testament to the longevity of a book.
Casino City Press recently released the 710-page 12th edition of Casino City’s Internet Gambling Report, which has the more intriguing subtitle of, “An Evolving Conflict between Technology and Law,”
Sportingbet’s Executive Director, Mark Blanford, was quoted as saying, the Internet Gambling Report is “quite simply the definitive industry reference guide,”
The top online gambling and casino legal experts have compiled the report reviewing and documenting the latest technological, business, and social political infrastructure information pertinent to the internet wagering industry.
Norbert Teufelberger, Co-Chief Executive Officer of, also made a comment on the report calling it “the best commercial resource for industry legal and regulatory developments around the world.”
The Casino City Internet Gambling Report has covered all the bases with an index of issues such as data sharing regulations service provider understanding and privacy.
Almost every jurisdiction in the world is reviewed from various standpoints. A simple to read presentation gives the book that added advantage of easy information access with at a glance summaries of business statistics and current climate.
The legal and regulatory changes in jurisdictions such as the U.K. Denmark, Canada, and Latin America among others are discussed at length on each topic in the extensive and comprehensive report.
The editor of Casino City’s Internet Gambling Report, Vin Narayanan, proudly announced, “We worked with an excellent team of experts to update the book, paying particular attention to the dramatic legal developments in the European markets, where European nations and the European Court of Justices have rejected – for the most part – the one-market approach to gambling in favor of a nation-by-nation scheme to regulate online gambling.”





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