Confusing Regulations for Internet Cafes In American States

Published Saturday, January 08, 2011 -

The state of Virginia in the USA is a place where over the last few years Internet Cafes have sprung up with surprising regularity.
The laws regarding the function of these internet cafes are less than clear and some officials have expressed concerns that they are being used as gambling parlors for those wanting to play at online casinos and poker card rooms that are hosted by offshore operators.

The confusion surrounding the legality of activities carried on at internet cafes has spread not only to those in Virginia but in Florida and North Carolina as well. A delegate in the Virginian legislature G. Glenn Oder is proposing legislation that would have internet cafes banned.
Law enforcement officials are still trying to stamp out the cafes in various states will little support from some lawmakers who don’t see there is a real problem with illegal gambling at the establishments.
In 2010, an opinion from the Virginia State Attorney General allowed a proposal in one area of the state but in other areas internet cafes are considered illegal.
A conflict arises from the way the games are being played. In Alabama for instance the Supreme Court there has made several different decisions on electronic bingo machines.

The lawmakers are concerned that internet cafes are taking business away from their state lottery revenues although there is no recorded evidence to justify the claim.
Since the prohibition on internet wagering has come into play throughout the USA internet cafes have come on strong filling a need.
It has been the mandate of authorities to shut down these places of business in Florida North Carolina and Ohio but the cafes remain open claiming they are keeping within the law making it difficult for prosecutors to prove otherwise.
As land based casinos become necessary revenue generators for the various state coffers authorities want only to protect their investment and kill off the competition.
American ingenuity will win the day as entrepreneurs spring into action and fill the gap with other venues for the player seeking a little real time entertainment.










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