Betfair Online Gambling Blows Whistle On Illegal Bets

Published Friday, April 08, 2011 -

The BBC news recently revealed that Three Virgin Media employees have been let go after using internal data on the X Factor television show voting to place wagers on the outcome of the show. The three staff members made substantial wagers on the show’s weekly eliminations. Betfair online book maker alerted The Gambling Commission to the suspicious activity.

A comment from a spokesperson at the Gambling Commission said, “We are satisfied that the bets placed were substantially unfair as the individuals involved had inside information,” “We have worked closely with all the bodies involved to ensure that those individuals do not profit from their activity and that appropriate action has been taken to prevent a recurrence of such activity in the future.” The simple scam involved three individuals working together two of which monitored the number of phone votes being cast by Virgin Media customers while a third placed the wagers.

Virgin Media has taken this incident very seriously and fully co-operated with authorities in solving the case. “Following a thorough investigation, we can confirm this was an isolated incident where three individuals were found to have misused their legitimate access to internal data to identify the volume of calls being made,” a statement read from Virgin Media officials.
The X Factor voting system has been scrutinized as being to easy to inside to access inside information after it was revealed that the three staff members had placed £16,000 bets on the outcome of the show.
Betfair was vigilant in noticing the suspicious behaviour, and commented, “Our integrity team is able to closely monitor bets and acts accordingly on the rare occasion that we see anything suspicious.”
Although the outcome of the show was not affected in any way, about one hundred individuals were affected by the illegal betting and will receive compensation.




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