Ontario Lottery and Gaming Moving Ahead with Internet Wagering Plans

Published Wednesday, June 08, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

Federal Canadian law prohibits online gambling but the provincial governments of some Canadian areas are moving ahead with plans to legalize the activity and offer safe and secure online gambling to the residents of those jurisdictions.

Ontario announced its intent to offer casino games and poker online a while ago and have been moving ahead with the plan even though the province is in the midst of a provincial election campaign.
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently announced the appointment of online gambling expert Sports Gaming Limited as the preferred consultant regarding the implementation of the system. 

The province is attempting to mitigate problems that are sometimes associated with start up for online gambling sites as was the example for the British Columbian internet wagering initiative last year. The government is expecting to learn from the lessons that the British Columbian experienced and offer a well managed and attractive gambling site. The action to get the ball rolling in Ontario will hopefully stimulate revenue gains from casino gambling online in the province. The site is expected to launch in Ontario by 2012.
Five public interest principles have been revealed to make the offering as safe as possible. The promotion of responsible gambling, the prevention of access to the site by underage users, personal information protection, efforts to ensure the integrity of the games and measures to detect money laundering or other criminal activity are all to be focused upon.

The statement from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation read, "Between now and 2012 when the program is set to launch, OLG will benefit from analyzing and enhancing best practices and security procedures adopted in other jurisdictions across Canada and in Europe. In particular, OLG will implement a strong responsible gambling program and offer increased player protections, secure transactions and data privacy."



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