AGA Understands Need for Regulated Online Poker

Published Friday, July 08, 2011 -

The American Gaming Association is a big influence on most things that have anything to do with gambling in the good old USA. The association has been around for a considerable time and has amassed a great deal of just plain good old fashioned gambling business acumen.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Gaming Association Frank Fahrenkopf, has stated publicly that the organization will not be supporting the latest bill to bring legality to online poker. Representative Joe Barton, a Republican from Texas has introduced the Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection, and Strengthening UIEGA Act of 2011 has introduced the bill to Congress.

The reasoning behind the non support of Barton’s Bill is that the AMA is preparing it’s own proposal to be introduced this fall and wants to continue with their version of how the gambling legislation should be created. Back in May Fahrenkopf said the group’s bill would “generate some revenue for the states involved, the states where the bettors are, and revenue to the federal government because there will now be tracking on winnings. People who are winning at online poker will have to pay income tax.”
The two proposals differ in the way the revenue pie is cut up. The American Gaming Association idea would see the Federal Government benefit through taxation and the Barton bill sees fines and fees as the revenue stream from legalized online poker.

Other differing agendas for online poker legislation include the AGA saying that individual states have option to disallow online poker in their area where as the Barton plan calls for all states to automatically be part of online poker legality unless they opt out after legislative discussions.
The AGA commented that it, “has not endorsed any specific legislation on this issue, we are pleased that Rep. Barton wants to protect American consumers and understands the need for regulating online poker in our country.”

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