Online Poker and Horse Racing a Strange Connection

Published Monday, August 08, 2011 -
Online Poker and Horse Racing a Strange Connection

The perception that online poker in America is facing extinction is rampant and for the most part it is a false idea. Recently the organizers of the Breeders Cup which is  America´s premier horseracing series hired World Series of Poker champion, Michael Mizrachi to promote the Breeders Cup.

The Public Relations promo is seen as a possible detriment to getting online poker legalized in the USA.
While other nations have determined poker to be game of skill and not mere chance America is still stuck on the debate. A French “Criminal Court of First Instance” in Toulouse has come down with the ruling that poker is indeed a game requiring skill to play giving everyone on that side of the fence a moral boost.

The statement released by Peter Rotondo, the Breeders Cup Vice President of Media and Entertainment, which accompanied the Mizrachi sponsorship announcement said,  “We believe that there is a strong cross-over between poker and horse racing, which has not yet been realized”.
Mizrachi is in the drivers seat now and will benefit from the sponsorship deal in the VIP box at Churchill Downs, but that’s where the connection between poker and horse racing ends. The statement suggests that there is skill required to play the ponies and everyone knows it’s really a gamblers past time.

A statement by Mizrachi commented that “I’ve long been a huge horse racing fan and I am pleased to have this opportunity to align myself with the richest horse racing event with such large wagering pools”. This has not bolstered the perception that poker is a game requiring skill.
The skill game debate has many wondering where the comment is coming from. Recently, the American National Bureau of Economic Research came to the same conclusion as the International Mind Sports Association who concluded that poker was a game which required as much skill as chess.


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