District of Columbia Lottery Debates the Online Gambling Plan

Published Monday, August 08, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

In a recent article in the Poker Player an online poker player’s magazine Professor I Nelson Rose a  recognized expert on gambling law disclosed that he is working with the D.C. Lottery on a plan, to bring in electronic Instant Ticket Vending Machines to the district. District of Columbia officials have held their first, public hearings on a plan to begin taking real money wagers on poker and other games over the Internet, hopefully starting this September.

Present plans in the District of Columbia will see 10 to 20 “hot spots,” established where people over the age of 19 will be allowed to plug and play games of chance and skill for actual money.
In March, the District of Columbia Council amended a pending proposed budget to include online gaming.  Congress, did not respond and let the 30 day grace period lapse giving D.C. grounds to give its citizens the ability to play online poker and other games for real money.  Initial registration will be easy and playing online will be limited to those physically located within the District of Columbia.  The Lottery is testing various “location verification” technologies.

The D.C. Lottery will introduce online gaming through “internet demonstration games.” The first games included will be poker and other games such as blackjack, bingo, and such will be totally free. Players will get points or credits when they register, and receive more ponts each day they play. The prizes are also points or credits redeemable only for “participation in games or contests offered by the D.C. Lottery.”
Limited hours are proposed for the gaming activity to be offered at peak tourism and visitor times. It was suggested that should the District of Columbia’s venture into the world of online gambling be a success it won’t be long before other American states bring in their own online gambling legislation.


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