Irish Government Looking at Online in Betting Shops

Published Friday, October 07, 2011 -

Retail is the money maker for many bookies in the U.K. that have overhead costs in the form of bricks and mortar and staff. Ireland is on the leading edge of technology and new innovative ways of supplying gambling services and making a profit.

Tablet technology is one of the ways Ireland's bookies are moving to improve their bottom line and give the public a little more convenience. With changes planned for the Irish gambling industry the government there is seeking to make the online aspect of gambling more accessible to the punting public. To do this Irelands book makers are talking to the Department of Justice for approval for the tablet technology their retail outlets.

Managing Director of the online gambling for Ladbrokes Ireland, Joe Lewis, reportedly said  that the government was alright with the idea of establishing retail online betting kiosks using computer terminals in the stores. 

Originally Irish bookmakers wanted to install fixed odds terminals in the retail outlets and the latest rounds of discussions have indicated that change is in the air. The government registered strong disapproval for the original plan but now seems to look more favorably at the new direction because the new plan is more realistic and a safer bet that the betting public will accept the process.
The technology will benefit the tax man as well as the bookmakers giving the more revenue from the extra activity that is the intent of the modernization process of Ireland’s gambling laws to include internet betting.

Ireland’s Justice Minister, Alan Shatter has indicated that he may allow a small quantity of licenses to be issued to casino operators. The discussions are expected to hammer out details such as the number of terminals to be allowed in each casino. Some are considering 40 to 50 tablets while 12 to 15 is a more likely number the government will allow.

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