MP Wants to See Single Game Sports Betting Legalized in Canada

Published Saturday, October 08, 2011 -

Canada has some conflicting laws on their books with regards to gambling in that vast county. One law that is part of Canada’s criminal code has been challenged by a private members bill that would repeal a small section of the code. The second reading of the bill coming soon was introduced by Joe Comartin , a New Democratic Party MP for Windsor-Tecumseh, in Ontario who says  it will probably pass as most provincial governments are likely to support it.

The Off Shore Gaming Association’s web location published comments from the MP, “This is a very simple bill, matching the personality and character of the person moving it. It is simply a repeal of one very small section of the Criminal Code. The effect it will have is to allow for sports betting on single sporting events in this country.

“This is a very important bill from this perspective. That industry is very big, entirely controlled by organized crime at the present time both here and in the United States because it is generally illegal in the United States to bet on one sporting event.

“The estimate in the United States is that there is $30 billion a year that is bet on that, all going into the pockets of organized crime and some of it offshore. It is estimated that as much as $2 billion is spent in Canada, annually, all of that money going out of the country to organized crime syndicates in the U.S. and in the Caribbean.”

Opinion is that the comments about organized crime running the show are farfetched but the move to legalize single game sports betting in Canada is a good idea. The motion will go to a second reading  October 31st and if  approved it will be sent to committees for more discussion and observation.

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