Australian Online Gambling Firms Say Regulations Need to Change

Published Tuesday, November 08, 2011 -

Betfair has been going strong in the Aussi jurisdiction ever since it began operations on the continent. Now Betfair is joining with fellow online betting firm Sportsbet in efforts to have the government remove some of the restrictions for in play wagers and interactive internet games.

Sportsbet has maintained the regulations should be changed to allow Australian-based websites to offer “in-the-run” betting, refering to the placing of bets on an event after it has commenced.“Betting after an event has commenced is available over the phone and in retail outlets in Australia,” the Sportsbet submission reads. “With Australian-based websites prohibited from offering betting in the run in online, Australians are choosing to place bets in the run online through unregulated overseas websites.”

Invited along with other firms offering betting services to Australians Betfair was also invited to make submissions for the review of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.  Part of Betfair’s submission read; “This approach would ensure that the issues surrounding problem gambling and integrity in sporting contests can be managed more effectively from within Australia,” continuing, “Further, Australian consumers of these services would be afforded enhanced consumer protection, tax revenues would remain in Australia and can be used to fund problem gambling programs and research projects and Australian operators will be able to compete with offshore gambling operators on an even playing field.”

The Australians continue to spend in the order of $1 billion annually on online gaming through unregulated offshore sites,stats have pointed out.

Tabcorp another betting service provider also concurred with the other operators stating that regulations should change so that Australians can play safely with all the services needed. “This will also enable domestic operators to compete on a level playing field where player protection standards can be assured.” Tabcorp submitted. Tabcorp also wants to see a national code of conduct for wagering and sports betting established to cover the industry including marketing, credit betting and other issues.



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