Online Gambling Industry Danish Model Stands Out

Published Thursday, December 08, 2011 -

Online casinos are making progress because the internet and technology continues to expand at an amazing pace. Governments in the free world understand the safety factor and regulate the activity with the consumers and operators paying for the sanction and rules with taxation.

Some countries are making good decisions and are creating a place in their economies for online gambling. Some nations are sticking to the old ways and banning or controlling the activity completely where players are allowed to wager only at the state run operations.
Fair taxation and a system that allows for competition is the model Denmark has chosen to liberalize it online gambling industry. Denmark has the right idea, welcoming competition and tax measures that lets everyone in the game, gives the punter a fair shake.

Making money has been the driving force of the internet wagering industry, it is no different from the land based industry which has been and continues to be highly regulated. American terrestrial casinos are facing the internet influence on their bottom line head on by making sure they have a nice slice of the pie once all the legislating is done. Political leaders must see the writing on the wall by now, online activity, including gambling is going to increase exponentially in the next five years. It is like a snow ball rolling though cyberspace it is getting bigger and it is impossible to stop.

Online casinos have brought a lot of industry to places such as the Isle of Man, Antigua, Malta, Gibraltar, and Alderney to name a few. Without the presence of this clean high tech industry these locations would be less prosperous. Welcoming the world of internet gambling is a smart choice, proven over and over by real results in regulated and licensed environments around the planet. The template for responsible online gambling has been created now countries just have to follow the yellow brick road.

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