Alderney Gambling Control Commission Launches Investigation

Published Thursday, December 08, 2011 -

Alderney’s Gambling Control Commission has announced recently it will conduct a review of its dealings with the Full Tilt Poker organization. An independent review of its “actions and response” will be conducted. Being charged with the task of sorting out what flaws were exposed in handling of the massive expensive and challenging Full Tilt Poker fiasco is former chairman of the UK Gambling Commission Peter Dean. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has requested that Dean “focus specifically on the appropriateness, timeliness and fairness” of the AGCC’s behavior.

André Wilsenach AGCC Executive Director said in a press release that he personally felt that the commission acted “appropriately and fairly”, during the Full Tilt proceedings.  The “inevitable questions that have been raised by third parties” giving the AGCC reason enough to appoint Deal an independent observer to determine accountability after the fact. Dean’s final report and recommendations should be presented to the AGCC by the end of March 2012.

Alderney’s fortunes are running high even after the problems encountered with Full Tilt said Alderney’s director of e-commerce, Robin Le Prevost. It was reported in tax news that Prevost said, the island had an, “excellent year … the middle of 2010 had been relatively quiet but we ended the year strongly. That growth has increased throughout 2011 and we are absolutely delighted with the activity attracted to Alderney. When it comes to regulatory stability, knowledge, reputation, tax and technical infrastructure we are clearly at the top of the pile.” Interestingly the director also said, Alderney “will not rest on its laurels for one minute … and we will continue to encourage and attract the highest quality of operators to join us here in the islands.”
Just how seriously that statement was taken by those who lost a lot of money when Full Tilt was seized is very much in question.




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