Mobile Online Gambling Variables A Huge Challenge

Published Sunday, January 08, 2012 -

The mobile online casino is still developing but has come along way since the inception of smartphone technology. The idea of putting a casino on your phone and being able to play your favourite game just about anywhere was just an idea not that long ago. The technology required to adjust the games to fit on smartphone screens is still making progress.

Displays are much smaller on phones than regular sized computers and even if the games were sized to fit these smaller screens, they would be very difficult to play if everything was scaled down proportionally. Mobile games are redesigned to accommodate the limited space available on a phones display, using things like oversized dice and cards, larger reels, and such so they can be easily seen and played while on the move. Difficulty arises with the all the different operating systems on the internet today therefore the software needs to accommodate the phone’s particular operating system.

Browser based casinos normally use Flash technology to offer their games, but iOS (used on Apple devices) for one doesn't support Flash. Therefore, casinos wishing to offer their games on these devices have to develop alternative software packages to accommodate these operating systems, and they are as Apple usage continues to expand. Mobile online casinos have a bit of catching up to do - while there are quite a few these days and they are expanding with the times, generally speaking they offer many fewer games than their normal computer friendly casinos - whether games are downloaded or browser based. This has a lot to do with trying to accommodate a wide variety of devices, there are hundreds of different cell phones available for purchase at any given time, most of which require adjustments in how the games are built and displayed - and the technology that powers said devices is constantly changing on top of that. Mobile gambling is growing fast and if you like to use your mobile devise for punting check out its capabilities for that purpose before you buy one.

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