Members of E.U. Parliament Discuss Online Sports Betting Integrity

Published Wednesday, February 08, 2012 -

The harmonization of the laws pertaining to gambling on the internet in the hugely diverse European Union is far from being a done deal. In theory the idea has loads of merit but in practice there are still a few bugs to iron out.

Members of the European Parliament look to be all on the same page when it comes to the course of action required to bring all the member nations into line with online betting laws that comply with the E.U. rules of conduct, that respect the free trade of goods and services model.

Members of the parliament met recently and discussed sports betting and the situation urrounding the activity within the Union. A report frequently called the “the Fisas report” which is also called the European Dimension in Sport focuses primarily on the pan set out to keep sports alive and going strong in the future even as new nations enter the Union.

Recommendations concerned with the “betting right” is addressed often by the British government who are trying to secure a stable future for horseracing in the U.K. The report mentions it in these terms. The acknowledgement that sports betting constitutes as “a form of commercial exploitation of competitions” and the consequent call to the European Commission and EU Member States to recognize and protect the competition organizers’ property rights, “guaranteeing a significant contribution from betting operators” towards “funding grassroots sports” and “protecting the integrity of competitions”
Members of the European Parliament later stated their policy on sports with conviction . A zero-tolerance policy against match-fixing, illegal betting, money laundering and doping in professional sport by making them criminal offences.
All well and said these statements do not diminish the need for Member States to get on board and adopt the policies of the E.U. parliament without hesitation. The attitudes of less well off nations must be focused on and dealt with in order for integrity in sports to be maintained.







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