New Jersey Governor Christie Keeping Cards Close on Online Gambling

Published Tuesday, May 08, 2012 -

There are ways to get your point across in the USA and much of that has to do with the way the money flows and to whom it flows. Getting elected for a governing position in America depends on deep pockets and in that regard political contributions can mean the difference between getting elected or not.

New Jersey is an interesting example of a political arena that is transparent enough to see how idle comments such as those reportedly made by Sen. Raymond Lesniak regarding certain political donations that might go missing should the current Governor of New, Jersey Chris Christie decide to allow gaming online. Lesniak allegedly said in an email sent after a meeting with some of Christie`s insider staff that, Christie is putting the future of A.C. in jeopardy because of his overriding concern for support from Sheldon Adelson a right wing advocate, Caesars, a huge contributor based in Nevada; and Woody Johnson, Jets owner and NFL opponent of sports gaming.

In the battle of words Chris A. Brown contradicted Lesniak’s comments, saying: “It is my understanding that Governor Christie supports intrastate Internet gaming. Namely, he wants to make sure we get it right`` Brown continued, “Obviously, this is a great opportunity for New Jersey to create new jobs and new economic activity.”

The amount of time and money that has been spent by politicians and bureaucrats to try to get this legislation off the ground is reaching a critical mass as Atlantic City continues to decline at an alarming rate. The race for first out of the gate in the USA isn`t over yet but as critics of the system point out money does indeed by votes and those with the largest war chests usually win out. The scene for New Jersey Atlantic City can be compared to watching Rome burn as Nero fiddled.

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