The Sports Betting Issue In the USA Gets Legal

Published Saturday, September 08, 2012 -

In the USA individual states are allowed the right to develop laws to govern their jurisdictions which at times can come into conflict with laws that are federal in nature. The State of New Jersey wants to boost its revenues from gambling on certain sports which are prohibited by federal laws. The battle lines have been drawn between the State of New Jersey lawyers and those who defend the current state of affairs in Washington.

The bone of contention lies in the legal right of New Jersey to offer single sports betting to those who are located within New Jersey’s jurisdictional boundaries. The Press of Atlantic City has reported recently that Theodore B. Olson and Matthew D. McGill have both been retained to argue for New Jersey’s right to preserve their intrastate sports betting bill against the major sporting leagues in America. The four professional leagues include the National Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball Leagues as well as the National College Athletes Association. It is speculated that the lawyers for the State of New Jersey will argue that the Leagues don’t have a constitutional leg to stand on. New Jersey’s legal eagles have established that approximately $3 billion is wagered annually on sports in Nevada, which is only a fraction of the total $380 billion in annual sports bets they say is bet from all venues available to the punter.

In the original statement presented by the lawyers they said, “In light of the nearly half-trillion-dollar pre-existing market in sports gambling, the leagues’ allegation that they will suffer some additional reputational injury from a relatively minuscule increase in legal, tightly regulated sports gambling in New Jersey is simply not credible.” The Leagues claim there would be more temptation presented to players and others who would want to profit from match fixing. New Jersey argues that the so called added threat has been there all along and the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey would not present any greater risk to sport integrity.

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