Online Gambling Operator Betsson and Spelinstitutet Launch Study

Published Saturday, September 08, 2012 -

The online gambling industry has many aspects of which one very important one is providing problem gamblers with the tools with which to combat the issues. A firm that specializes in providing those services to operators is Spelinstitutet which is a private knowledge based company focusing on gambling behaviour. Spelinstritutet has developed many responsible gaming tools for players and gaming operators, which include everything from interactive training and self-diagnostic tests to different support tools for players.

Spelinstritutet was founded in 1999 and is owned by Thomas Nilsson, Roger Edlund and Johan Brandsten. Their web site presents their business concept. "Our business concept is to help the nationally regulated gaming companies in the world offer relevant responsible gaming products and services based on specialized knowledge and research. We deliver models and products based on a platform that attracts their customers and thereby prevents problems of gambling abuse in the society."

In collaboration with Spelinstitutet it was announced recently that Betsson will participate in a ten week pilot study through Betsson’s subsidiary brand, Betsafe, in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Site participants who take part in the study will receive a detailed assessment of their gambling behaviour. Chief Executive Officer of Betsson, Magnus Silfverberg, commented on the project, ”Betsson intends to further strengthen and intensify its efforts within responsible gaming. Our support to research and continuous development of responsible gaming tools is therefore an important part of our business plan.” Mr. Silfverberg continued, “We are primarily interested in contributing to the development of preventive tools that would prevent or limit the harmful effects of gambling. This is why we see an excellent fit between the online self-help tool developed by Spelinstitutet and Betsson’s plan for responsible gaming development.”

Tailored programs are to be offered custom built to individual needs and levels of motivation. Thomas Nilsson, CEO, Spelinstitutet also commented, “Spelinstitutet is looking forward to the collaboration with Betsson as one of the gaming companies with a long standing commitment to responsible gaming. Since Betsson is a leading online gambling operator, its work in the area of responsible gaming can be expected to have a positive impact and help drive responsible gaming tools development further”

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