Online Gambling Firm Ordered to Return Over One Million Euro

Published Monday, October 08, 2012 -

An Austrian High court upheld a previous decision to refund a gambler over one million euro after evidence revealed that online casino in question did not have a proper licence to operate. There were few names mentioned in the report published by the Austrian Independent sighting only that the internet casino that will be required to pay back the player is based in Malta.

It is a story of good luck and bad luck for the bettor who actually defrauded his employer to acquire funds for his growing problem with gambling. The gambler did realize his behaviour was out of control and did the responsible thing by having himself, voluntarily excluded from Austrian based gaming operators but went on play excessively at the Malta based establishment the court was told. The company the man worked for in Linz, Austria found out about his fraudulent book keeping and pressed for a refund by the Maltese firm in a lower court in Graz.

The company’s lawyer’s technical defence was held valid by the court which was appealed by the online gambling operator out of Malta to the High Court. The Austrian High Court has concluded with the lower court decision and ordered the over one million euro returned.

This is good luck for the company that employed the man and good luck for the gambler who didn’t lose his job. He will at least have a measure of steady employment enabling him to pay off the loss. Hopefully he will have kicked the habit and learned his lesson to never let an obsession get the best of him again. Unfortunately this kind of precedent created by a High Court decision may promote a rash of similar cases where the losses of gamblers may be challenged in court. The need for more stringent adherence to the regulatory rules for licensed operators may be required and quickly.

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