Big League Sports Goes to Canada to Kill Bill C-290

Published Thursday, November 08, 2012 -

The Canadian parliament has seen many legislation bills passed and then after being sent to the Upper House, the Senate they are defeated. The Senate in Canada is very partisan and is made up of appointees selected by the Prime Minister. Mostly this is a place where favouritism is a big factor in being chosen for this plum job.

The Canadian Senate has actually been lobbied a great deal of late with a slew of sports leagues declaring their disdain for a private members bill that would change the law to allow single game betting. This bill has passed a third reading in the House of Commons and proceeded to the Upper House. The bill introduced by MP Joe Comartin who represents, Windsor-Tecumseh which happens to have a casino has stalled while various anti-single game betting advocate have their say in front of the Senate committee. Understanding the problem is taking an enormous amount of Canadian tax payers time and the whole issue is about money of course.

There have been officials from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and now the NHL. That’s a massive amount of persuasion for any member of the Senate’s legal and constitutional affairs committee to take on. This is a concerted effort by pretty much all the major sports groups to have Bill C-290 killed and the subject never brought up again. Canadian Gaming Association vice-president Paul Burns, commented on the situation, “We've had legal sports betting in Canada for 20 years,” adding, “To say now you don't like sports betting, is disingenuous. They say it's about the integrity of the game, but it comes down to money. They probably have an issue with others earning revenue off their product.”

It seems counterproductive to say its alright o bet on three games but it isn’t alright to bet on one. Why the fuss one may ask, well money always makes things interesting.

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