Online Gambling on the Job Called a Hazard to the Worker

Published Thursday, November 08, 2012 -

The pressure is mounting in the work place where the playing of games and gambling on the internet is reaching epidemic proportions. The use of mobile and other devises to access internet sites that have nothing to do with work is costing companies billions.

An Australian news source, WA Today online said that gambling on the internet or phone should be banned for occupational health and safety reasons. The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, acknowledges that there is a potential health risk involving gambling to workers. Training programs designed to reduce the risk, have been introduced by the VCGLR as part of its new occupational health and safety policies.

Warnings are being issued to employers revealing the massive increase in the accessibility to online gambling web locations. Some employers are putting blocking programs on their business computers but that doesn’t stop employees from using their own devises while on the company clock. The social gambling trend is also posing issues for firms prompting IT departments to ramp up efforts to warn employees of the consequences of social media gambling and the toll it may exact on their careers. Workplace relations specialist Joel Zyngier, was quoted as saying, ''Due to the increased trend of gambling via social media, it is clear that unacceptable behaviour must include using an employer's resources to engage in gambling via social media,''

Companies must to all they can to cover themselves legally against harm in the workplace by having clear policies in place regarding the use of the internet while at work. Tom Cummings a gambling reform advocate in Australia said social media was most popular with the younger male which has been the target market of many sports betting operators. ''Social media has been identified as the next wave or battleground of gambling,'' Cummings continued, ''The growth in gambling apps, simulated and real money gambling apps is staggering, every bookmaker is embracing social media,''

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