The Dutch Debate Online Gambling Legalization

Published Friday, March 08, 2013 -

A recent meeting at the TMC Asser Institute in The Hague, a center for international and European law, it revealed the advantages and dangers of cooperation between Dutch sports and the online betting industry. Many sports organizations in Europe and around the world have signed on to agreements with international online sports betting operators to stem the proliferation of match fixing. Match fixing has been in the news for decades with more sophisticated criminal gangs doing their best to ruin the integrity of sports.

With the fear looming that sports organizations may lose their reputations, some Dutch sports officials are wary of doing business with betting organizations, including legal ones. This has become a problem for organizations that are looking to the internet sports betting operators for financial support of the leagues and events in trade for advertizing on the team’s jerseys and playing fields. The Netherlands is in the process of debating the reform of online gambling regulations and is understandably concerned about the issue. Jelle Beuker, operational director of the Cooperation Eerste Divisie, commented, "We are taking a serious look at the developments in this field,” Beuker continued to explain, "What does it bring us and what not? What can we do and what shouldn't we do? We must also pay attention to the dark sides, which are match-fixing and gambling addiction. We must talk about that together, for me that is more important than the commercial side. How can we solve or reduce these issues."

It was noted that some smaller Dutch soccer clubs are facing financial problems and all are looking for new sources of income. Beuker does not think cooperating with the gambling industry as a viable solution for leagues financial shortfalls. Beuker said,"To be financially healthy should be achieved through other areas. We will not get 100 million euro or so for the league, that is an illusion.” The Netherlands is following Denmark’s model for its legislation regarding online gambling should the Dutch decide to make the necessary changes to its laws.

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