Florida Online Gambling Future in Jeopardy

Published Monday, April 08, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com

Florida is in a quandary when it comes to its gambling regulations. The Sunshine State has just gone through a period of adjustment where the politicians are doing back flips to stay clear of the recent scandal involving the Allied Veterans of the World. Recent proposals to outright ban the internet café and its associated venues was met with a positive response. Now the bill which was voted on and approved by the Senate Rules Panel is before Florida Governor Rick Scott. Taking into account the majority vote in favour of HB155 of 36 to 4 the governor says he will review the terms and language of the proposal.

The fear among stake holders is that this bill is a knee jerk reaction to the scandal and the legislation if passed may cause difficulties for online gambling in the future. Governor Scott has the final word for the implementation of any such new laws and he takes that responsibility very seriously. The new legislation uses language that is vague such as slot machine ‘look a likes.’ Although the proposed bill include venues and devises that are not necessarily commercial enterprises those who play poker and go to the casino are concerned. The Allied Veterans group reportedly used $300 million in donated funds to be swallowed up by the owners of the group. The group owned a large percentage of the internet cafes in Florida and the charities for veterans were basically a sham. The cafes offered slot gaming and other gambling options.

The hurried bill sent a strong message to the group but has included some collateral damage in the form of seniors protests organized by the Florida Adult Arcade and Bingo Association in front of local Tallahassee arcades. This measure is aimed at protecting the public against fraud but has left many feeling the funds that could one day be generated by online gambling legalization may be in danger.

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