Investors Thrilled With Online Sports Trading Club

Published Saturday, June 08, 2013 -
Investors Thrilled With Online Sports Trading Club

It goes without saying that some companies that have been providing online gambling services are doing much better than others. One good news story about the subject of making money is the one that talks about the success of the Sports Trading Club. A record 500% profit in the first five months of 2013 has every investor looking at why the firm has had such a stellar first quarter.

United Kingdom bookie Bet365 Group which has had humble beginnings is now reaping the rewards of hard work and savvy building. Attracting gamblers from as many as 200 countries, owners and siblings John and Denise Coates publish their online gambling website in 17 different languages with profit soaring to nearly £156m. The Sports Trading Club allows for the punter to share in the riches with Sports Trading Club’s Europe Trading Manager, Mark Archer saying the appeal is mostly due to a policy of total transparency.

Operating as a private investors group in England, the STC recently allowed the general public to become associate members in Australia. “I believe the ability for investors to stay at home and watch every trade, in real time on the internet, is very appealing,” Archer said.“It is all about sharing knowledge, being kept informed, and being treated with respect,” Archer continued, “It allows people to watch their money work, every second of every day and to understand what is happening.”

Last year the firm announced a multi-million pound partnership in Australia and followed Britain’s largest bookmaker, William Hill, into the booming Aussie sports market.

The Australian partnership reported a 305% profit for the first quarter of 2013 and is up over 500% so far this year, sending a clear message to investors that trading on sports and prediction markets is an emerging industry to rival traditional financial markets.

STC recently expanded into South Africa and South Korea is now looking toward to going after the European and Asian markets next.

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