Mayor of Manila Declares War on All Illegal Gambling

Published Monday, July 08, 2013 -
Mayor of Manila Declares War on All Illegal Gambling

According to a recent report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer the mayor of Manila Joseph Estrada has declared a no holds barred war against all forms of illegal gambling, excluding the very popular “jueteng”.

Estrada spoke during a command conference at the Manila Police District headquarters saying, “We will immediately relieve those officers who are not able to stop illegal gambling in their respective jurisdictions,” He warned the police officials that he would impose a strict one-strike policy.

Estrada was the former president of the Philippines for 31 months from June 30, 1998 to January 20, 2001. During his speech he referred to video karera, fruit games and betting on basketball as among the illegal forms of gambling he wanted to ban. It is interesting though that he did not mention the illegal numbers game.

A study conducted by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp revealed that as many as 163,000 people earned a living from “jueteng” the illegal numbers game. Estrada tried to explain that he would like to see the game legalized, commenting, “What’s the alternative? What will people live on if you stop it?”

Senior Superintendent Gilbert Cruz, MPD chief of staff, said that illegal gambling raids would be conducted by the headquarters’ intelligence unit and other operating units. If illegal gambling is found in a certain area, the Manila Police Department director has been authorized by Estrada to immediately relieve the commander of the station in the district.

Estrada is obviously tired of the corruption in the police departments he said to those at the conference “I challenge you, especially the station commanders, to start cleaning up your ranks. If you cannot do this, you might as well resign because I will personally go after you,”

The Mayor of Manila has taken control and has ordered the police to stop their involvement in criminal syndicates, turn down bribes offered by people behind illegal activities and restore people’s confidence in the police force.

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