Gambling Stocks Surprise Surge In September

Published Tuesday, October 08, 2013 -
Gambling Stocks Surprise Surge In September

The stock market does have its phases and gambling stocks usually move almost in lock step with the general overall market trends. This past three quarters of 2013 action in the online gambling sector has been remarkable in so much that not much earth shattering really occurred.

The last quarter of July August and September did surprise some investment watchers with an unexpected increase in gambling stocks in September.

There are brokers and day traders who focus on gambling stocks and the last three quarters has shown tha even most USA based gambling operators have shown a decent upturn. The speculation is that the big casino and resort operators with interests in booming Macau are doing well. The Asian gambling market is massive and with China allowing a little more freedom to travel to Macau the jurisdiction will only continue to grow and so will the profits of the owners.

The introduction of internet gambling in Nevada and Delaware and soon New Jersey has some suggesting it’s a tempest in tea pot and the impact will not be that significant. This attitude towards playing the gambling stock market is the volatile market that high rollers enjoy.

Caesars Entertainment has been one such stock that investors are playing for the long haul with short bursts of buy and sell orders in between. There is a lot riding on the success of its online venture in Atlantic City which is on schedule to debut November 26th 2013. Caesars has partnered with veteran online gambling operators 888 Holdings from Gibraltar for its internet offerings in America.

The internet gambling impact in the USA may very well drive the big resort and casino stocks up depending on the success of the launch and as liquidity grows with compact deals viability will also increase. There are fortunes to made in gambling stocks and the last quarter has proven it can surprise even the most seasoned players.

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