In-Game Online Betting Exploited By Match Fixers

Published Sunday, December 08, 2013 -
In-Game Online Betting Exploited By Match Fixers

The media has uncovered another big scam in the world of match fixing with recent revelations that the The Sunday Sun has published. The video revealing ex premier league footballer 34-year-old Nigerian defender Sodje bragging about wagering on portions of various games. Sam Sodje, who played for Portsmouth and also in the top flight at Reading, says in the video he can guarantee certain events in play in return for money.

An undercover reporter recorded Sodje claiming he fixed a game for an ex-Premier League player, who now plays in the Championship, to get a yellow card and can even arrange other such events in Premier League games - for a much greater price owing to the huge fines for high level players who are caught cheating.

The undercover reporter posing as a middleman for a betting syndicate based in Asia gathered information on the scam and its perpetrators. Police have now taken over the investigating of the crime after information the reporter garnered over a period of four months was released to them.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) confirmed it was investigating the claims. In a statement the agency said: 'The NCA can confirm that the Sun on Sunday has passed material from its own investigation to the National Crime Agency. 'An active NCA investigation is now under way and we are working closely with the Football Association and the Gambling Commission. We cannot comment further at this stage.'

The revealing video has the football player admitting he made a quick £60,000 even after being fined £10,000 after being paid by the gambling ring £70,000 Sodje punched Oldham Athletic's Jose Baxter twice during a game in February this year.

It has been suggested that illegal betting gangs are worth £320billion globally, the illegal activity is growing due to the increased popularity of gambling during games, and the ease of in-play betting.

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