South African Wager Nets Almost 4million USD

Published Sunday, November 08, 2009 -


Sometimes lightning does strike twice in the same place. That’s the case for the latest lottery winner in South Africa. A South African businessman has found that lady luck smiled on him two times in seven years. The married thirty four year old gambler took a huge 30 million SA Rands home after coming up with the winning combination of numbers in the recently introduced Powerball lottery. The once in a lifetime experience was not so for the winner, who wishes to remain without an identity for now, as he won the Tatta Ma Chance lottery just a lucky seven years before. That eleven million SA Rand went to reinvesting at least 100 SA Rand a month on lottery tickets.

The mega win was one that defies logic as the odds were massive for a second time win. Taking home the first big win was one that over came fourteen million to one odds, but the second win was pegged at twenty four million to one odds. Spectacular really and case of what some are calling real luck. The lottery office in Johannesburg welcomed the winner and was surprised to hear he had beat the huge odds before. The quick pick ticket with a random selection of seven numbers was checked first at a local Limpopo province outlet. The now rich person said he would be securing the future for his four children and would then hopefully spend a portion of the prize in establishing a charity to help poor and hungry Africans. A spokesperson from the lottery corporation commented

"We offered to pick him up, but he decided to drive to our headquarters. We couldn't believe how calm he was.” Most people hope they win but to win twice in seven years that’s a different score. It is good to know the money will go to aiding a worth while cause.




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