PPA Scrutinizes FBI Poker Letter to Bachus

Published Tuesday, December 08, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the USA has been under fire lately with the recent disclosure that U.S. law enforcement had not discussed online poker problems with officials in other countries where poker is completely legal. Shawn Henry, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, said, “The FBI has not engaged in this discussion with our foreign partners.”

It comes as a shock to many who are watching this story unfold in the USA that the opponents to online gambling regulation and taxation seem to be making things up as they go long. The FBI letter to senator Bachus touches on all the points that the opponents are trying to make. A portion of the letter concerned with underage web gambling says, “While the vendors claim that they can validate age and location, they are more than likely relying on credit card information and geo-location to gather this information. Both can be spoofed… The simple act of owning a credit card number does nothing to validate someone’s age.” Today there are many ways to detect underage gambling the technology is being used effectively in other parts of the globe.

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), has scrutinized the FBI communication and determined the document to be full of holes. All of the concerns addressed in the letter were things that can only be aided by regulation of online gambling in the USA.

John Pappas PPA Executive Director of an organization that has over a million members has a strong mandate from his group, and is making it very clear what the best direction is for the States. In a recent press release Pappas said, “Every concern the letter raises is better addressed by licensing and regulation than by prohibition. The letter misconstrues much about the current state of online poker, but it does so in a way that clearly makes the case for why federal oversight is necessary.”

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