Joe Cada Champions Cause of PPA in Washington DC

Published Tuesday, December 08, 2009 -

The youngest winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event Joe Cada will travel to Capitol Hill to tour with the delegates and put his two cents worth on the airwaves. This twenty two year old young man will be hosted by the Poker Players Alliance organization and will be introduced to several lawmakers in pre-planned meetings. This is a media blitz for the Champion poker player, who according to his agent and Poker News Daily will be introduced to entire House of Representatives on the chamber’s floor. The $8.5 million winner will meet with various Congresswomen and Congressmen that enjoy playing poker and get a chance to give them some insight into the positive aspects of poker playing professionally and for fun. The PPA is expertly lining up these meetings in their lobbying attempts to have online poker declared a game of skill and made legal in the USA.

Joe Cada has just arrived in Washington DC after he finished video taping the PokerStars. net Million Dollar Challenge in Los Angeles. Cada, when asked about his relationship with the Poker Players Alliance organization said, “I’m all for what they’re doing. I haven’t had too much contact with them, but hopefully that can change very soon. It would be good to meet a bunch of Congressmen and speak with the PPA a lot more. It’s something I hope I can help with.”

Young Joe has certainly been made a media sensation, he has appeared on David Letterman and ESPN news franchise SportsCenter and with this kind of endorsement he may win over a few more of the Congress delegates to the bright side of the street. The PPA scored well in media points recently when they saw several members of the WSOP Main Event final table don patches for the tournament’s conclusion, which aired on ESPN.

This is great support for the poker players cause and a real boost for home town hero Joe Cada.

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