Brazilian Poker Tournaments Going Strong

Published Friday, January 08, 2010 -

Brazil is a very young and progressive place with a desire to be on the leading edge of everything. Gambling in Brazil has mass potential but has been illegal and effectively outlawed since the sixties.

All casino type games are illegal throughout the country without exception. Most forms of gambling were banned due to their connection with organized crime which was rampant during that era. But Brazil has changed and is much more controlled and legally compliant than in those bygone days. Much like in Las Vegas the idea of gambling has become more mainstream and accepted as a form of entertainment. However the ban on gambling in Brazil does not specifically name poker. Because Brazil doesn't have casinos, commercial poker was unavailable for many years.

Recently though, poker “associations” have started up by working carefully around the country’s gambling laws. Poker in Brazil comes in the form of massive tournaments, like the Brazilian Series of Poker, now running for several years. These tournaments give skilled players a chance to enjoy the game and make serious money while doing so. The Latin American Poker Tour kicked off for the first time in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 drawing a big group of talented local players. In September of 2009, Brazil went on to win the Americas Cup of Poker in Argentina. Brazil is emerging as a poker capital with more professional players coming to competitions and winning prizes.

There are no gambling websites originating in Brazil, as the government does not have regulations to offer online gambling services in the country. Brazilian players can still gamble on the internet for the time being. Proposals have been made to limit the use of online gambling web sites similar to the US ban by restricting banks from processing money associated with the activity. Many sites accept Brazilian players, and a few even offer Portuguese language versions making for play in Brazil easy and convenient.

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